As some of you may know, our COO Maria was recently invited to speak at Wired Smarter where she delivered a talk on what the future of energy looks like with the consumer at its centre. Here at Verv we are using AI and blockchain, along with our VLUX token to democratise energy and ensure that energy bills are kept to a minimum and renewables are incentivised, whilst limiting harmful CO2 emissions.

Make sure you read Wired’s article on the future energy landscape featuring some key takeaways from Maria’s talk, as well as some brilliant insights from other big players in the energy space. Below are the 8 takeaway points, read more here!

Little pushes can add up to big changes in customer behaviour
Cutting down CO2 emissions isn’t enough — we have to remove them too
AI isn’t a fix-all cure, but it is a powerful tool for energy efficiency
Smarter energy forecasts could cut down on the amount of energy used
Energy users might be the people that end up driving change
It’s time to stop thinking about energy supply and start thinking about demand
Smart homes might not be as clever as we might think
It’s time for the green battery revolution