Features & Benefits

Device Recognition

Quickly finds appliances & delivers running cost in real-time
The second you turn on a device, Verv will log it and start tracking its usage and how much it is costing you at the utmost accuracy. With no need for a learning period thanks to its clever technology, you can start getting clued up on your usage costs right away.

Advanced Insights

Customised reports to coincide with your billing cycle
Verv gives you valuable insight into your appliance usage and spend, allowing you to compare your usage from cycle to cycle and set goals for improvement. By understanding exactly how much money your electrical appliances cost to use, minimising wastage and using your appliances at optimal times, you could save up to 20% on your energy bill the first time you use Verv.

Fault Prediction

Tells you if your appliance is faulty and needs servicing
Faulty white goods can cost you money in wasted electricity use. Verv’s innovative technology can detect if an appliance is deteriorating before it actually breaks, even informing you of where the actual issue lies. This means an engineer will be able to come armed with the right parts as they can be informed of the problem ahead of their visit.

Home Protection

Be notified if an appliance has been left on or there’s activity whilst you're away
Ever left the house and worried that you’ve left the oven on? Verv will put your mind at rest with safety notifications that alert you if you leave the house with an appliance turned on. Put it in holiday mode and Verv will notify you of any unexpected activity in your home, for example lights turning on and off or a device being used.

Financial Calculations

Find out if you’re better off buying an eco-friendly appliance
Verv analyses the appliances you’re using and suggests eco-friendly alternatives for those that are running inefficiently. It also calculates the return on investment of buying a new appliance so you know when it will pay for itself in the savings you’ll make on your electricity bill.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Minimise your environmental impact
Verv also measures your energy usage in Co2, putting it into perspective by comparing it to the equivalent mileage in a car for example. This enables you to see and understand your greenhouse gas emissions for the first time and work on bringing them down!