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Features & Benefits

Device Recognition

Quickly finds key appliances & delivers running cost in real-time
Verv starts by identifying key appliances in your home so that it can tell you how much each one is costing you, in addition to their kWh consumption. Thanks to its clever technology, you can see this information live as you turn on an appliance, or look at an overview of your usage over a certain time period. As Verv gets to know your home, it will start to identify more of your appliances and continually provide you with a real-time feed so you can see what electricity you are using at any given moment.

Advanced Insights

Weekly & monthly email reports
Verv gives you valuable insight into your appliance usage and spend. By understanding exactly how much money your electrical appliances cost to use, minimising wastage and using your appliances at optimal times, you could save up to 20% on your energy bill. Simply choose the frequency of your reports in your app settings.

Fault Prediction

Starts to detect appliance deterioration
Faulty white goods can cost you money in wasted electricity use. As Verv gets to know your home and your appliances, it will start to detect irregularities in your appliances' energy signatures that could be a sign of an appliance deteriorating. As it gets smarter and identifies more appliances, its diagnosis will get more accurate and Verv will eventually be able to tell you in-depth about the root of the problem.

Home Protection

Be notified if an appliance has been left on
The aim of Verv is to put your mind at rest, with safety notifications if you’ve left an appliance turned on. We've started with the key culprits for being left on; GHD hair straighteners, with Verv continuing to expand its capabilities the more it learns about your home.

Financial Calculations & Environmental Impact

Minimise your environmental impact
Verv analyses the energy efficiency of your appliances so you know which ones are using unnecessary amounts of energy and should be replaced - helping you to bring down your CO2 emissions and your bills! Verv's evolving technology means that once your appliance database has been built, it can start to give you insight into your greenhouse gas emissions, again providing a real-time feed of what this looks like.

Installation and Compatibility