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Reflecting on International Women’s Day

Maria McKavanagh of Verv presents at Google

Last week marked the all important International Women’s Day and I absolutely loved celebrating the extraordinary achievements of incredible women around the world. As someone who is part of many women in tech / engineering communities, I never cease to be impressed and inspired by the stories […]

5 ways you can be more green

Verv five ways to be more green

With soaring global temperatures, rising sea levels and the extinction of several species around the world, it’s becoming clearer everyday that we need to commit to a more sustainable way of living. But “sustainable” can have vast connotations and is often associated with large companies and their CSR policies. In reality, each individual can contribute to a more sustainable economy simply by […]

AI: Putting the ‘smart’ into smart homes

Verv Smart Home

As we reach the end of 2017, our CEO & Founder Peter Davies has written down some thoughts on the 'smart' home and the important addition of AI and Machine Learning for delivering a personalised solution, tapping into untapped data and delivering a future-proof roadmap...enjoy! We all remember the scene in Back to the future where Marty's girlfriend’s thumbprint is used to […]

Business Green Tech Awards: Verv is officially the technology of the year!

Business Green Technology Awards Winners Verv 2017

It’s been a brilliant week here at Verv HQ and to top it all off we’ve received a whopping 3 awards from the Business Green Tech Awards! These were: App of the year: For the way in which we tap into big data in the home and present it to the consumer in way that’s simple and easy to understand Future City Technology of the year: For the peer-to-peer […]

Bringing to life peer-to-peer energy trading in the UK

Energy Trading Community at Hackney's Bannister House

  We’re pleased to announce the exciting launch of the UK’s first energy trading community on social housing at Hackney’s Banister House Solar. The field-trial, delivered in collaboration with Repowering London, will be the first time energy is physically traded in the UK through our blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading solution […]

Verv recognised by Electrical Safety First for its innovative tech

Verv Electrical Safety First Award Winners

  We were thrilled to have been chosen as winners for the launch of Electrical Safety First’s inaugural innovation award at their 7th annual product safety conference. Thanks to its advanced AI and Machine Learning technology, Verv is an ever-evolving product which gets smarter the more it learns about your home, allowing it to start detecting potential deterioration in appliances and […]

Verv receives £1.1 million in crowdfunding, bringing on board over 1000 investors

Verv Crowdfunding Fully Funded on Crowdcube

Our crowdfunding campaign has now closed and we are utterly blown away with the amazing support and feedback we’ve received. Having set out to raise £500,000 to help us to drive Verv forward, we are delighted to have achieved a staggering 133% over target thanks to the overwhelming interest in our campaign. We can’t thank our investors enough and couldn’t be happier to have over 1000 people […]

Verv Shortlisted for Two Business Green Technology Awards

Verv Shortlisted for 2017 Business Green Technology Awards

Verv is pleased to announce that is has been shortlisted for 2 awards in the Business Green Technology Awards 2017! These are 'App of the year', for its home energy assistant app that gives users advanced insights into their appliance usage and health, and 'Future City Technology of the year', for the blockchain based peer-to-peer energy trading solution that it has developed […]