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Green Great Britain Week

Green GB Week Logo

This past week marked the UK’s first ‘Green Great Britain Week’ organised by the government. The UK government has put a commitment to maximising the opportunities of the global shift to clean growth at the heart of their […]

Blockchain specialist investors Scytale put their money on Verv

Skytale Ventures Verv

We’re pleased to announce that we have secured a £250,000 investment from Scytale Ventures, a team of investment management and blockchain experts. The investment will be used to advance the development of our blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) […]

Earth Day 2018 and Verv’s vision for a cleaner, greener planet

Verv World Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and here at Verv the state of our planet is weighing heavily on our minds (yes even more than usual!). Here in London, over the last few days we’ve seen temperatures of over 20 degrees with beautiful sunshine warming us to our core. As wonderful as that is, it’s a bit unusual for London to be having this […]

Reflecting on International Women’s Day

Maria McKavanagh of Verv presents at Google

Last week marked the all important International Women’s Day and I absolutely loved celebrating the extraordinary achievements of incredible women around the world. As someone who is part of many women in tech / engineering communities, I never cease to be impressed and inspired by the stories […]

5 ways you can be more green

Verv five ways to be more green

With soaring global temperatures, rising sea levels and the extinction of several species around the world, it’s becoming clearer everyday that we need to commit to a more sustainable way of living. But “sustainable” can have vast connotations and is often associated with large companies and their CSR policies. In reality, each individual can contribute to a more sustainable economy simply by […]

AI: Putting the ‘smart’ into smart homes

Verv Smart Home

As we reach the end of 2017, our CEO & Founder Peter Davies has written down some thoughts on the 'smart' home and the important addition of AI and Machine Learning for delivering a personalised solution, tapping into untapped data and delivering a future-proof roadmap...enjoy! We all remember the scene in Back to the future where Marty's girlfriend’s thumbprint is used to […]

Business Green Tech Awards: Verv is officially the technology of the year!

Business Green Technology Awards Winners Verv 2017

It’s been a brilliant week here at Verv HQ and to top it all off we’ve received a whopping 3 awards from the Business Green Tech Awards! These were: App of the year: For the way in which we tap into big data in the home and present it to the consumer in way that’s simple and easy to understand Future City Technology of the year: For the peer-to-peer […]