Challenging the status quo

Despite the growing global demand for energy and the ever-increasing impact of traditional production methods on the planet, the energy industry has operated in much the same way for over 100 years. Energy bills are estimated, renewable technology is making huge strides but is still not mainstream and consumers still have very little control over their power usage.

Here at Verv, we’re looking to change that. We want to pioneer a movement towards a low carbon economy where consumers are in control. Armed with advanced AI and Machine learning tech, and working with other game-changing technology like blockchain, we are challenging the status quo.

Verv Labs is the voice of our team, showcasing the exciting projects we’re working on to help achieve our vision. Find out more below!

Energy Switching

Around 50% of us spend hours on the internet trying to switch energy providers, but there is so much information out there it can be confusing and time consuming. Here at Verv we are working on a solution that will help make the switching process seamless by adding complete automation to the process via our hub.

Energy Trading

We’ve developed an energy trading platform that enables renewable energy to be traded between peers on blockchain technology. The aim of the platform is to reduce energy bills, improve access to green energy for those who can’t currently afford it and incentivise uptake of renewable technology.

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