Your home energy assistant - connecting you to your home

What is Verv

Verv is a clever home energy assistant that gives you intelligent information about your home appliances, helping you to tackle your electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint and keep your home safe.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Verv will identify what appliances are using your power and how much money each one is costing you, in real-time.

With built in safety features to notify you if you’ve left an appliance on, and fault detection to predict if an appliance is about to break, Verv will take your home from ‘smart’ to ‘genius’.

Features & Benefits
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Why Verv?

The most frustrating thing about electricity bills is not being able to see a breakdown of what is actually costing you money, and by the time you receive your bill, it’s too late to do anything about it. Verv is revolutionising this process by giving you all the information you need up-front about your appliances, so you can make informed decisions about how you use them, and finally take full control of your bills, not to mention your carbon footprint! And with added measures to keep you and your family safe, Verv can give you the assurance that you need whether you’re in or out of the house.


Simplify your energy bills


Save Money


Reduce your impact on the environment


Keep your home safe from intruders and reduce fire risk


Avoid costs associated with replacing white goods


Communicate with Verv via Alexa

Pre-Order Verv


Pre-order Verv now and be one of the first to receive it by November 2017. The Verv hub is easy to install and doesn’t require an electrician. Simply attach the sensor provided to your electricity meter or smart meter using the clamp provided, download the app and you can be up and running within 10 minutes.