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Unlocking unique energy insights with AI

To fuel personalised services

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'Smart' just got an upgrade

Verv is an intelligent IoT hub which uses patented AI technology to analyse electricity data and appliance usage in the home straight from the mains, unlocking unique insights and creating new smart home experiences for consumers.

A new layer of intelligence

With its powerful analysis tools and unique learning abilities, Verv is giving users greater insight into their household electricity consumption than ever before, displaying the real-time cost and consumption for each of your key appliances via a smartphone app.

This information, coupled with personalised insights, can enable users to reduce electricity use, minimise their carbon footprint and bring down bills.

Verv also provides safety alerts when certain heated appliances like hair straighteners have been left on for too long.

By incorporating blockchain technology into the hub, Verv is also providing affordable access to low carbon energy for those without solar, and incentivising uptake of renewables. This is done via our groundbreaking energy trading platform.

Verv Energy; where less is more

Unlike smart meters and other electricity monitors, Verv uses AI to identify key individual appliances so it knows what is turned on and how much it’s costing to use in real-time. Users can use the Verv app to set a budget and receive personalised tips to reduce cost based on their energy usage behaviour.


Verv Insure; Reducing risk and increasing cover

With Verv’s abilities to identify individual appliances in homes and analyse their usage behaviour, insurers are recognising the opportunity to provide a more tailored insurance service to their customers, through personalised policies and alerts that can help users avoid accidents before they happen. This includes alerts when heated appliances have been left on.

Verv Trading; Cheaper, greener energy for all in a new energy marketplace

We want to give consumers greater access to affordable, low carbon energy whilst incentivising the uptake of renewables. By incorporating blockchain technology into the Verv hub, we have created a peer-to-peer energy (P2P) trading platform to enable this. The platform will enable homes to sell their excess solar energy directly to their neighbours, providing cheaper energy costs for those without solar panels and a return on investment for those with them. In April 2018 Verv conducted the UK’s first P2P trade of energy on the blockchain.

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Recognition Of Our Work


A unique combination of our robust Verv hub and its patented software and AI algorithms are what sets it apart from any other device of its kind.


The Verv Hub

Verv attaches directly to the electricity meter in a home via a simple current clamp, enabling the hub to ‘listen’ to the whole electricity usage of that residence. Verv has a ‘sample rate’ that is up to 5 million times faster than a smart meter (known as ‘high frequency data’), which is how it is able to gain more detail from the electricity mains than any other monitoring product in the UK. Much like taking a very high resolution photograph of a subject and being able to see far more detail and clarity than on a normal picture.


Under the Hood

While the hub takes care of collecting high frequency electricity data, our clever, patented algorithms have been taught to recognise key household appliances via their unique energy signatures and feed their usage data to the user via the Verv app as, soon as it is installed. Our algorithms are continuously learning and the more data they gain the more accurate our algorithms become, eventually identifying new appliances in individual homes and providing smarter insights into usage patterns.